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Business Landline Information

At Aussie Phone Brokers we Compare and Recommend the Best Business Fixed Line Plans.

The Aussie Phone Brokers service is unique.

Three Key Elements of our service:

1.  Accurate Results    Good decisions are based on good data:
       »  Aussie re-calculates telephone bills call by call
       »  We have the latest plans from all the major Telco's
2.  Unbiased & Independent        Who can you trust?
       »  Aussie is 100% unbiased and independent
       »  We recommend on Service and Pricing
3.  Free Service    Our service is both:
       »  100% free and 100% obligation free

Some websites offer lists of telephone rates
                     ...    Aussie considers this information to be next-to-useless.
Why?  What does Aussie do?
'List' website Aussie Phone Brokers
Not all major Telco's are displayed. We use ALL the major Telco's.
Only the most basic plans are displayed. We also use Corporate phone plans.
Phone plans include pricing tricks and traps. Our call-by-call recalculations ensure accurate answers.
Comparisons must be attempted by the user. Let us do the work - afterall we are 100% free.
Aussie Phone Brokers will save you Time, Effort and Money.

Landline Phone Plans by Aussie Phone Brokers

Landline Phone Lines (also called Fixed Line Phones, Fixed Services and Wired Services) are the lifeblood of most Australian Businesses.  For most companies, having 24/7 working phones is simply the most important part of all their telecommunications.

Aussie Phone Brokers focus very carefully on Landline Costs
                        - and the Service Standards expected from each provider.

Aussie Phone Brokers find our clients their best telecommunications solution: Aussie analyse our client's phone bill, compare the various offers and consult with our customers to reach a solution.  Aussie also provides implementation and ongoing support to our customers.  (Go to the Service pages for a summary of these steps.)

Aussie aims to reduce fixed phone costs for business.  We show business how to cut phone costs while maintaining a healthy telephone service standard from their telephone service provider.

Aussie Phone Brokers believes that our service is essential for a strong & competitive Australian Business.

(Aside from general call costs, Aussie also examines telephone line rentals and other service and equipment charges when preparing an analysis for our customers.   This is to ensure an entirely accurate comparison.)

Aussie Phone Brokers provide a 100% Free service where
Australian Business can compare and choose their best Landline plans.

From our Creator:

"Our website is aimed at bringing the best-in-market offers direct to SMB users.
"Over 7 years we have provided analyses and recommendations to thousands of Australian businesses.
Now we have a website which summarises our vast SMB telecommunications knowledge.
"SMB's can now bring their telecommunincations costs under control - without having to become experts in the field."