The questions below are all about Telecommunications in Australia, Aussie Phone Brokers and what we do, and other related questions.

First though, there are two questions that we are asked above all others:

Q. How does Aussie Phone Brokers get income? (When we tell our customers that we are a 100% free service, this is often their very next question.)

A. We receive commissions from our service providers for bringing them customers. It is that simple. Please visit the 100% free service page for more information.

Q. If the Telco’s pay you, do they pass that cost on to me?

A. No. This is due to what we call the Cost Balance – rather than the service providers paying an employee to cold-call customers or to develop and mail-out pamphlets, they pay us when we find them a new customer. There is no increase in the cost to our customer – there is a Cost Balance.

Q. How much does Aussie Phone Brokers get paid?

A. We have an open-book policy for our customers – just ask.

Q. How long does it take?

A. From the time that we receive your phone bills, to the time that we present the available options to you, takes about seven working days. From there, the timeframe for the actual switchover will depend on the types of services being switched.

Q. What if my Analysis suggests that I stay with my current provider?

A. Then we suggest that you stay with your current provider. Simple. Aussie Phone Brokers will never attempt to influence our clients towards anything other than their best deal. (Incidentally, we will not be paid any commission in the above case, but we would anticipate getting more business through referrals from a completely satisfied customer rather than tarnishing our reputation for a once-off commission.)

Q. What happens if something goes wrong with my service?

A. All of our providers have a 24/7 fault reporting facility. We only use Australia’s largest service providers, so we know that they have the experience and infrastructure to fix errors as fast as possible. (There is a perception in the marketplace that providers other than Telstra cannot provide levels of service that match Telstra’s. Our reply to this is that if this were true, then our providers would be out of business. We recommend service providers who have a proven track record in the Australian marketplace and we fully accept that their performance reflects on our business.)

Q. Does Aussie Phone Brokers stay with me, or is this a one-off service?

A. We stay with you; our service doesn’t stop when you sign on with a provider.
In the case of faults, Aussie Phone Brokers will follow-up the issue with you. We ask that as soon as you have contacted your service provider, you contact us and we will do everything within our power to help you get the service repaired as quickly as possible. (Our influence in the telecommunications industry grows with every customer and we will always use it for the benefit of our customers.)
Aussie will also maintain our on-going support in much more visible ways: When the rates from your service provider improve, we will immediately contact you to inform you of this. As new technologies emerge, are proven and then become viable; we will inform those of our customers who would benefit. We also monitor our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our service and that of their service provider.

Q. Do my numbers change?

A. No.

Q. Do I receive a bill from Aussie Phone Brokers?

A. No, our service is 100% free at all times and we have nothing to do with the billing of your services. Your bills for services will come from your chosen service provider.

Q. How does Aussie Phone Brokers compare the different providers?

A. All of our available plans are applied to our customer’s actual usage; we do not use bill estimates, as most service providers do. This provides an actual monetary comparison between the providers. This is performed using our in-house, purpose-built software. The result is a list of the most cost-effective plans available to the customer.
Using this analysis, and together with the customer, we go through the various plans to ensure that we match the current-day and future requirements of our customers to the provider which best suits them. We consult with our customer to explain the features of each of our shortlisted plans.
The final decision rests with the customer.

Q. How do I know that Aussie Phone Brokers is unbiased?

A. We are, and we will always remain, totally unbiased. We believe that this is one of the greatest assets that we can bring to our customer/advisor relationship.

Q. Do you help residential customers also?

A. No, unfortunately this is a business service only.