Telecommunications solutions for Australian business

The Best Telecommunications - Summarised from years of Experience

Originally Aussie Phone Brokers operated as a recalculation and comparison service for all Australian businesses.  We performed our service for thousands of clients.  Unfortunately, due to industry changes and resource allocation constraints, we can no longer offer such an intensive service to all clients.

Henceforth, our fully tailored audit and recommendation service will only be applied to clients spending over $5000 per month.  Please use the above link for Special Accounts , or Email Us Now.

For clients spending less than $5000 per month, this website will summarise and present our years of experience and findings.  Please use the above links to jump to your selected product(s).  You will find proven offers; from trustworthy Telcos and agents.

From our Creator:

"Our website is aimed at bringing the best-in-market offers direct to SMB users.
"Over 6 years we have provided analyses and recommendations to thousands of Australian businesses.
Now we have a website which summarises our vast SMB telecommunications knowledge.
"SMB's can now bring their telecommunincations costs under control - without having to become experts in the field."